News Item: QIP Infium + KOLOBOK [Big Pack]
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Posted by Aiwan
27 October 2009 - 11:19:50

It is not a secret for true admirers of a QIP Infium program that a nearest version of a program will contain expanded set of smiles. I know that army of admirers of QIP Infium is numerous but amount of opponents of the program and smiles proper is also sizeable. Now there is a positive moment in this news that the package will be collected on the basis of my package of series Kolobok Original [Big Pack] which contains hundred five works. And it means that used by hundreds of thousands of people a pack from my site will be understandable for all who will use new version QIP Infium. Besides that almost all smiles from ICQ 6.5 will be clear in QIP Infium since the additional set in ICQ was created on the basis of codes of the expanded pack. And many thanks to managers of AOL which have considered my advice and took codes of koloboks which I recommended them.

And in conclusion here is sad news. I drew nothing for a long time because I’ve got a creative crisis. And I do not know how long it will last …

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