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Today I made two basic emotion: a consent and a negation. Actually I'm thinking seriously, to make all basic emotions for both sex, because I think in nearest future, programms will become more clever and will be able to separate female smileys from male smileys, according to user.

smiles smiles smiles smiles

And important news. This project has not planned as a community or a portal. It was created spontaneously, and this engine was not good in using to people from different countries. Also this engine cannot work with many languages, cannot manage with so many visits we are having per day, this engine does not use cache, that is why when we are getting 5000 visits, we get stable lagging although we are placed at separate server. One more time 'thanks' to Oleg aka Dandi, to direction and tech support "Host Ing.Ru", they are standing well with us, but not like others 'leading' host-companies, who were firing us out from any their servers. Our problem is not only in many visits, basic problem is the internet traffic we get, it's around one terabyte! But there is not huge files's archives, this traffic is result of using koloboks by million people. Every displayed somewhere kolobok makes a little load to the server, but sum of them all makes huge effect. So in nearest future we plan to make a big reconstruction, and a follows of it are: links to the koloboks maybe will be lost, because galleries will be moved, and will be lost all comments to the news and files. We will inform you about all works we do.

With hope for your support and understanding.

Autor:  Aiwan  08 July 2008 - 09:37:55 Comments: 0   printer friendly  

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