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 A big set of smileys for a light skin  
Hello to everybody! I have much problems in my real life, that’s why I’m not often in Internet. So, I made a big amount of smiles for a light background. The most investigative visitors have already noticed it. But I had no time to write a news about it. I say it only now, but I suppose it’s never too late to mend. When I find time, I'll remake a couple of other smiles, because I was many times asked to do it.

Further, I’m asked to make the English version of the site. But I can’t translate into English. That’s why I’ asking you to help me translate all news and pages. If you are interested in it, just send me an e-mail or leave a comment here in news. Many people promised to help, but nobody has done anything yet…

Autor:  Aiwan  15 October 2005 - 21:48:41 Comments: 0   printer friendly  

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