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 Whistlers’ parade  
I’ve painted a whistling kolobok and filled it on FTP. I looked at it and realized, that one can whistle in different situations. That’s why I decided to draw other koloboks with different emotions, passing to whistle. I think it is the right way. All the whistlers you can find in the section for Standard smiles.

kolobok kolobok kolobok

Autor:  Aiwan  02 September 2005 - 17:38:57 Comments: 0   printer friendly  
 Kolobok scratching his head  
I haven’t painted koloboks for a long time, I have a lot household duties. Have you heard about repair? Today I decided to have a rest and painted a kolobok scratching his head. As I remember, I was asked many times in e-mails and in the guestbook to paint such a smile.

To find him go to the section for Standard smiles. Good bye! If I have enough time, I’ll paint something else.

Autor:  Aiwan  31 August 2005 - 17:21:22 Comments: 0   printer friendly  
 А little bit more!  
Today is a productive day, I’ve painted four smiles more. (A long time ago I promised INF to paint one smile for QIP, but I painted several of them.) I tortured myself thinking: "Which one must I delete? Which one should I leave?" But then I thought: "Why am I torturing myself alone? Let the others think and torture!" And left everything. Here you are!

Of course they are similar, simply use the one you like more. I won’t tell what this or that kolobok means, because it’s useless. You will decide yourself, where to paste them.

But don’t work too hard, I’ve heard, that some admins don’t want to install koloboks on forums, because according to them it disturbs the communication. If there is a couple of koloboks in the post, all attention is given to them. The message loses its sense and the post becomes colorless. It may be not literally what they say, but the main idea is clear... And how do you like them?

smiles smiles smiles smiles

Autor:  Aiwan  07 August 2005 - 17:17:32 Comments: 0   printer friendly  
 Moralizing kolobok  
I had bad mood колобок, that’s why kolobok looks like it looks like. There is no way out, I should have used it, by this, I had no punishing kolobok. Now I have it. You can find him on the third (I can hardly remember all the sections…) page of the section for Standard emotions.

P.S. While I was painting this one, I invented a new one. I don’t know, whether I’ll paint it or not, but he seems to be a little bit funnier.
P.P.S. Someone recommended me to remove his tongue. I corrected it. For those who liked the one with the tongue – he simply became number two.


Autor:  Aiwan  06 August 2005 - 17:09:20 Comments: 0   printer friendly  
If you imagine me sitting the last week in front of my computer screen, I will be look just like the new smile. It is hot and stuffy by us… On the other hand we have frost nine months a year. But I still hate heat! And wait for winter…

Autor:  Aiwan  25 July 2005 - 17:05:25 Comments: 0   printer friendly  
 The reference module is open on the site  
I have a good news for those, who wanted to exchange references. I added to the engine a module References. You can find it in the main navigation menu of our site. Now, if you want to leave information about your site, go there, full in the form, I check it and your reference is in the base!

I’m waiting for a big amount of references to check. смайлики

Autor:  Aiwan  23 July 2005 - 17:02:44 Comments: 0   printer friendly  
 Summer aggravation of madmen…  
Heat and magnetic storms caused madness to be aggravated. As result we have a pilot in our Ward №6. He seems to be a little too big, but I should have painted everything I invented. It’s not the “heaviest” smile, but with 101 frames in it… I hope you forgive me, I won’t cut it. It’s made for fans and aesthetes! So, our new hero is a Mad Pilot!


Autor:  Aiwan  19 July 2005 - 16:58:15 Comments: 0   printer friendly  
 The main archive of koloboks updated  
I have updated the Whole archive of all smiles, now it has version v1.9.

I decided not to update this archive on other sites. It's connected with the big size of he archive (about 1 MB). It seems to be different to update the archive with means offered by sites. Now you can find the whole archive only here.

By this, it takes a lot of time… колобок

Autor:  Aiwan  18 July 2005 - 16:54:00 Comments: 0   printer friendly  
 A set of koloboks for QiP - pager  
A new set of smiles for the new growing in strength and popularity internet pager QIP - KOLOBOK For QiP. Original appeared. This set includes two folders with animated smiles, one for the dark background, one for the light one. Smileys for the light background are a little bit changed, namely I added a bomb and a rose to the standard set, which I couldn’t paint for alpha-release QIP.
To download this smiles you should change all pictures in the needed skin by you and restart the client.

KOLOBOK For QiP. Original

Site pager QIP.

Autor:  Aiwan  13 July 2005 - 16:50:00 Comments: 0   printer friendly  
 А вот и Роза!  
Наконец-то я сделал колобка, дарящего розу. Ура!!! Пак KOLOBOK For IEView. Original, тоже обновился.

Autor:  Aiwan  12 July 2005 - 16:38:20 Comments: 0   printer friendly  
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