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 New sets of koloboks for qutIM appeared  
More and more Internet-pagers allow users to change their sets of smileys. It means, that our file archive is refilled with new sections. Yesterday I created a new section for qutIM pager. Three packets of koloboks appeared there, each size has its own standard set of smileys and codes - KOLOBOK For qutIM. Original, BIG KOLOBOK For qutIM. Original, Mini KOLOBOK For qutIM. Original. The author of the standard pack adaptation is Dmitry Kramarchuk. Thank him for a good work! All qutIM users that want to use these sets just need to visit the file section.

p.s. I remind you, that if you want to see sets of koloboks for your favorite pager on our site, than make them on basis of our standard archives and send them to my e-mail.

Autor:  Aiwan  31 August 2009 - 08:25:33 Comments: 0   printer friendly  
 Koloboks. Copyright registration  
Koloboks. Copyright registration It's not a secret, that copyright is a very tough issue in our contemporary world. And it’s even worse in Internet. When you ask someone to respect copyrights you often hear caddish answers and requests to "show documents" confirming your authorship. But how can such works as koloboks be registered? But it turned out to be possible! I made use of services provided by ZETA company, that helps you to register authorship in The U.S. Copyright Office professionally. Despite the fact, that in USA as well as in Russia authorship appears at the moment of the work creation, registration is a very important condition for effective copyright protection in case of its infringement. So, everyone who thought, that it is difficult or even impossible, follow the hyperlinks and defend yourself and your works.

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 Mini KOLOBOK For QiP & Infium. Original  
A new packet appeared in our file archive. I was many times asked by users of different pagers to make such packet. But QIP fans were the most persistent ones. Everyone who wanted mini koloboks for their QIP pager can visit the file section and download Mini KOLOBOK For QiP & Infium. Original. If someone thinks that such packet has already existed, I would like to inform you that it’s the first version. All those packets that appeared earlier weren’t made by me and many works weren’t painted by me. In this packet everything is repainted by me, every frame, every pixel...

Now I can breathe freely and enjoy the rest of my summer vacation with a safe conscience.

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 A new version Kolobok Toolbar for Firefox  
Kolobok Toolbars for Mozilla Firefox was upgraded till version 1.2. today. After the browser was renewed till the version 3.5, Hyron corrected all defects and made them compatible. You can download the new plug-in version in the File section.

Autor:  Aiwan  09 August 2009 - 08:44:05 Comments: 0   printer friendly  
 Mini KOLOBOK For Miranda. Original  
After the set of standard emotions for Mini koloboks was finished, I began to create packets for main pagers. At the very first day I found out that I forgot to paint one smiley. So, I finished it and now we have the whole set of standard Mini koloboks. Mini KOLOBOK For Miranda. Original for Miranda pager will be the first one. Then I’ll make another ones. Everyone who wants such set can find it in the file section.

kolobok smiles

Autor:  Aiwan  29 July 2009 - 14:28:16 Comments: 0   printer friendly  
 Standard packet of mini koloboks is finished  
I finally finished a standard packet of mini koloboks today. It lacked four basic emotions, which I finished this week. I’m sorry it took more time than I expected. But anyway it’s better to paint well and in a good mood, than to make it fast and hurry-scurry. I’ll try to create packets for main pagers and to renew the archive with these works soon. And now just use them on forums and chats. You can find the new koloboks in the section for Mini works.

Autor:  Aiwan  19 July 2009 - 18:21:18 Comments: 0   printer friendly  
 Another portion of mini-koloboks  
I've painted a couple of mini koloboks today. Actually, there is a "couple" and one more. And I’ve noticed a strange thing: the more I think, that a work is easy and I’ll finish it quick, the longer I paint it. And the works that I always leave until tomorrow because of their complicacy, take less time and efforts. Mysticism…

koloboks koloboks

Autor:  Aiwan  14 July 2009 - 12:42:31 Comments: 2   printer friendly  
 A new mini kolobok and a new version of the plug-in Kolobok toolbars  
I have two messages for today: a new mini kolobok and a new version of the plug-in Kolobok toolbars. Hyron upgraded versions for the browsers Opera and Mozilla Firefox, a new version for Internet Explorer appeared as well. You can download the new plug-in versions in the section Files.

Recently we have some problems. On our hoster changes connected with economic crisis or simply with technical arrangement are in process. I stopped to inform you about short problems on our site (which last about 1-2 hours). But recently we had to switch off our site for more than twenty-four hours. And those, who use the old versions of the plug-in, had several problems. The problem is, that if the site is switched off, those, who use the old version of Kolobok toolbars. won't see any koloboks. The new version allows you to work absolutely independent from our site. If you have the old version, I kindly recommend you to upgrade it.

I also publish a new mini kolobok. I understand, that some of you would like to have everything at once, but I paint when I have time and conditions. That's why here is only one new kolobok. smiles

Autor:  Aiwan  05 July 2009 - 19:25:58 Comments: 0   printer friendly  
 A new version of Kolobok Toolbar  
The plug-in Kolobok toolbars is upgraded today. The author of the plug-in - Hyron – has made new versions for two browsers: Opera and Mozilla Firefox. A new version for Internet Explorer will appear soon. You can download the new plug-in version in the section Files.

Autor:  Aiwan  20 June 2009 - 08:42:36 Comments: 0   printer friendly  
 A new couple of mini koloboks  
A new couple of mini koloboks is finished today. There are only several of them left from the whole standard pack. But my real work doesn’t leave much time for painting. That’s why, the packet won’t be finished as fast as I planned. I ask everyone who waits for smileys to be patient. Thank you!

смайлики смайлики

Autor:  Aiwan  09 June 2009 - 14:49:44 Comments: 0   printer friendly  
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