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 Changes in the work of our site and two new packets  
Dear visitors! We have planned some changes in the work of the server on the next weekend, on June, 6th-7th. That’s why it may become difficult to visit our site. Some problems connected with the toolbar for koloboks may also appear. But I want to ease your anxiety saying, that all problems are connected with equipment improvement and that they are only temporary.

Thanks to MrClon there is a new packet Kolobok For Pidgin. Original available in the section Files. This packet is an exact copy of the standard packet. There is also a standard pack Big from the set BIG KOLOBOK For Miranda. Original. available in the section Files for Miranda. I inform you a little too late, but it’s anyway better, than to say nothing at all.

Autor:  Aiwan  03 June 2009 - 16:15:19 Comments: 0   printer friendly  
 New smileys from the mini-set  
I want to congratulate everybody on the summer beginning! You won't believe me, if I say, that there is still snow everywhere at the place where I work and that spring has just begun here. But it’s not the biggest trouble I face. And the biggest one is that I have no Internet except for GPRS. Because of it nothing interesting happens on our site and even new works are published behind time. The new works are of course from the mini-set. It is, as I’ve already declared, the main direction in my creation for now.

smile smile

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 Maintenance work concerning the networking equipment of our server  
Dear visitors of our site! We want to inform you, that on 4th and 6th May, between 1 and 7 p.m. (Moscow) works connected with the networking equipment of our server take place. That’s why our site may be unavailable. The expected time, when the site will be unavailable, is one hour in the given period. We apologize for possible inconveniences.

Autor:  Aiwan  04 May 2009 - 17:57:18 Comments: 0   printer friendly  
 BIG KOLOBOK For Jimm. Original  
I apologize for not having painted the set of standard emotions for Mini koloboks yet. I don't have much time and inspiration now. And I don’t want to force myself. But I promise to end up this set, as I’ve already promised before. And now you can read a new interview with the painter who is well-known under the name Gas13. Alexey (his real name) deals not only with smileys but also with pixel-art.

A standard pack of koloboks from the Big-set BIG KOLOBOK For Jimm. Original for the program Jimm appeared in our section for files as well. Thanks to the visitor Felix, you can download and install packs in GIF and PNG format.

Autor:  Aiwan  28 April 2009 - 19:41:57 Comments: 0   printer friendly  
 A set of interviews from the site  
There was a site on domain dedicated to smileys and painters. Now there is something else placed there. It’s a pity, that such resources disappear, especially because of the information such sites offer. This site let me know about many authors painting their works. I understood how such sites should be organized: different section for different authors. No mess. So, I have some materials that I decided to publish from time to time. Today I publish one of the first Fool’s interviews.

Autor:  Aiwan  23 April 2009 - 16:42:28 Comments: 0   printer friendly  
 RSS newsletters on site  
A RSS newsletter appeared on our site. Firstly I undervalued this useful addition, but having faced some troubles connected with sending many e-mails I reviewed my attitude to RSS. The RSS newsletter is only available in the address bar, but soon I’ll make it in form of buttons.

Autor:  Aiwan  21 April 2009 - 12:50:32 Comments: 0   printer friendly  
 BIG KOLOBOK For QiP & Infium. Original  
A packet of koloboks of a new format BIG KOLOBOK For QiP & Infium. Original for the pager QIP. appeared in our file archive today. Earlier we lacked several emotions, which I have finished successfully on a recent day. I didn’t want to put off creating of the new packet, by the way it didn’t take a lot of time. So, everyone, who wants to install the BIG koloboks in QIP, can go to the section Files and download the packet.

kolobok smile kolobok smile

Autor:  Aiwan  08 April 2009 - 23:49:47 Comments: 0   printer friendly  
 Next-to-last set of Big koloboks  
Four new works are added to the section of the set Big today. I’m already becoming tired of painting, and to be more precise of making one format into another. That’s why I sometimes act impromptu, like today, and count how many koloboks are left. There are only two of them till the full set Big will be done.

smile smile smile smile

Autor:  Aiwan  07 April 2009 - 09:01:17 Comments: 0   printer friendly  
 A new set of Big koloboks and Rolleyes  
Well, we slowly but steadily approach the day, when the standard pack of the new format koloboks will be finished. Today there are three of them. Diligent as I am I couldn’t make he kolobok asking for help in say the word SOS using the Morse alphabet.

And another thing. I was many times asked to draw a kolobok rolling his eyes. Today I’ve painted such one. All the new works you can find in the section for Standard emotions.

smile smile smile smile

Autor:  Aiwan  26 March 2009 - 20:51:43 Comments: 0   printer friendly  
 New galleries of artists: MotherGoose and Phil  
Finally the site is working in a normal more and I can draw again. As I promised before I'm continuing the big series of koloboks. I'm finishing a few basic emotions, I need to draw five more till the standard pack. So, do not worry, everything will be OK kolobok смайлики.

I'm pleased to present two new galleries at the site. Owners of them are artists MotherGoose and Phil. You know their works, just I decided that their works have to be singled out separately , because both artists make charmed smiles and draw in unique style.

I have got mailbox problems. Many spammers send letter with my name, due to it I got in to spam filters. In nearest days we will fix it, but if you have sent an email to me and got no reply you should be awaiting a little bit.

Autor:  Aiwan  23 March 2009 - 16:30:58 Comments: 0   printer friendly  
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