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 Full Big Kolobok Collection v1.0  
On our site appeared the new archive Full Big Kolobok Collection v1.0, which will include all the koloboks in new format painted during this period. The archive will of course be updated to the best of my ability. You can download the smileys by reference.

I’m often asked, in which program I paint koloboks. I got tired of answering on such questions. There is a file with description of used programs in every archive, but it doesn't help. Well, I paint, animate and put everything together in the program Ulead GIF Animator 5.05. It’s impossible for a Russian user to buy this program. I asked for help and got it (thanks to Iris!), but it’s always hard to explain that although you are a Russia, you aren’t a hacker stolen a credit card...

It wouldn’t be correct to write a news without showing a new work. That’s why I decided to add a female to the parliamentary with pants. Now we have the whole team. We don’t breed plants, we wave with pants!


Autor:  Aiwan  27 October 2007 - 21:50:30 Comments: 0   printer friendly  
 New kolobok: Complimenting, consoling and parlamenter  
Before my rest I made one smiley but did not show it. It was kolobok that is consoling other kolobok. this work came out a little heavyish and I made two parts from one, but saved original. Also at this base I made a complimenting kolobok.

kolobok kolobok kolobok kolobok

But most importantly that I made variants of new style for websites! I had to convert and optimize them from beginning, and they lost lots of weigh. For example the ROFL smiley was 48 kb, now it's 31. The same oldstyle smile is 28 kb. Now you can use them at forums and chat-rooms.

Also I made new section-galleries for new format: Standard, Psicho Ward, HE and SHE. All new works you can find there. BUT at ICQ smiliey's section I left 43 original works,that was taken by ICQ. They are not optimized. If you need them for web their variants are exist at other sections, that I said about higher.

P.S. And one more work, it's Fool's idea. I like it really and decided to make the same.


Autor:  Aiwan  13 October 2007 - 21:45:00 Comments: 0   printer friendly  
 Hello to everybody!  
Hello to everybody! I haven’t published news on the site because I was away on holiday. Now I’m back and try to impose order on my works. Everyone who wrote me and got an answer from the automatic responding machine, will of course get my personal answer. But in light of the big amount of e-mails (more than 100) you will have to wait a little bit, because it takes much time.

Autor:  Aiwan  06 October 2007 - 21:41:22 Comments: 0   printer friendly  
 New smiles: Heavy morning  
I thought I'll get long weekend after big job for ICQ, but it has not happened. Here are five new work... rather three works with variations. First koloboks are fighting with slumber like I'm. This is my actual feelings after month of night working... And next koloboks need no introduction. I made same koloboks before... well not the same but very similar.

kolobok kolobok kolobok kolobok kolobok

I also try to collect thoughts and to write everything going round in my head. For the moment I have written 2 articles, the third one is already written, I need only to publish it. So, don’t forget to visit the section for articles, you may find something interesting, and those, who haven’t read my interview to the site of painters, go to the new section "This has news value!" to overtake arrears.

p.s. I collect information about the history of graphic smiley creation. The first painters, the first works. Send me everything you have on this subject, I will be very obliged!

Autor:  Aiwan  09 August 2007 - 21:39:32 Comments: 0   printer friendly  
 What a Kolobok actually is...  
In the article smiles or koloboks? I tried to give a definition and to discourse upon, who kolobok actually is, and what the difference between him and smile is. Everything written there are only my thoughts, my opinion, based on reviews and discussions with you. If you have something to add, write it in comments or send me in an e-mail. I will be glad to listen to you.

The second news isn’t so good. It’s not a secret, that many works of our painters are remade from others' smiles to koloboks. So, it’s time to “gather stones”. Many works will be removed from the gallery, some of them I’ve already deleted, because they infringe copyright of other painters. This action will be painless, if there is permission to use the originals in the animators' creations, we'll leave everything as was formerly the case. If there is no agreement, it’s a pity, but there will be some tears in the series of author’s koloboks

Autor:  Aiwan  03 August 2007 - 15:34:21 Comments: 0   printer friendly  
 Koloboks and ICQ  
Some time in last February I got letter from ICQ ltd. manager with question about a possibility of using my works. I answered, but not got more letters. I thought they just forgot about it. But couple of month ago I got a letter from them again. This letter was sent by a girl with good russian and I could understand everything. ICQ ltd. wanted to use all my ready works in their program, and to get exclusive rights for all of them.

Of course it would get grave consequences for all permits, agreements, contracts etc. That is why I decided to drow for ICQ ltd. absolutely new emotions. koloboks will stay koloboks, but they will look a little different. By starting I wanted to remake my ready works, but these koloboks are larger on 1 pixel and darker. The difference at 1 pixel changed everything: all works have been made from beginning, from first dot till animation.

New version ICQ with these koloboks will come out at this autumn. The progress of this series and our relations with ICQ, the future will show and of course it depend from your opinion too. If everything will be well, then there will be new galleries with these koloboks. Also in my plans to make GDK graphic set for emotion creation of this format.

But now its only plans. For now the ICQ have not made a place for feedback at their site. So you can write your opinion and wishes at my forum. ICQ managers promised to visit us regularly. Also I want to notice due to ICQ request, these smileys are not optimised for web. Probably they will lose weight through the time, but now we have them such as they are.

ICQ 6 Smiles ICQ 6 Smiles ICQ 6 Smiles ICQ 6 Smiles ICQ 6 Smiles ICQ 6 Smiles ICQ 6 Smiles ICQ 6 Smiles ICQ 6 Smiles ICQ 6 Smiles ICQ 6 Smiles ICQ 6 Smiles ICQ 6 Smiles ICQ 6 Smiles ICQ 6 Smiles
ICQ 6 Smiles ICQ 6 Smiles ICQ 6 Smiles ICQ 6 Smiles ICQ 6 Smiles ICQ 6 Smiles ICQ 6 Smiles ICQ 6 Smiles ICQ 6 Smiles ICQ 6 Smiles ICQ 6 Smiles ICQ 6 Smiles ICQ 6 Smiles ICQ 6 Smiles ICQ 6 Smiles

One more notice: all rights for using koloboks of this format in Instant Messengers like ICQ, MSN, QiP, Miranda belong to ICQ ltd. For other programs or projects: there is a possibility to get permission after co-ordination all questions with me. Simple users for private using can take them without asking, as always.

Autor:  Aiwan  30 July 2007 - 15:31:00 Comments: 0   printer friendly  
 Full archive of all authors v. 1.1.  
Full archive of authors has been updated. Different people is having different opinion that is ok, but when they are so different it's hard to unite and confirm them with the terms of use. That is why some authors have been removed from there. But you can still find them in galleries. Also you must know that you should ask for author's permission through feed back form before using smileys with any purposes excepting personal correspondence and personal using.

Download smiles possible in section of the files of our site.

Autor:  Aiwan  14 July 2007 - 15:25:15 Comments: 0   printer friendly  
 Kolobok's plugin from Hyron  
If you want to have koloboks everytime and everywhere, then kolobok's plugin for Mozilla Firefox from Hyron will be useful for you. Easy to install, easy to use. For now it's beta version, but we are sure, that Hyron will finish it. All your questions and noticed bugs post at this topic (only for registered users).

Autor:  Aiwan  20 June 2007 - 15:19:52 Comments: 0   printer friendly  
 New section at the site  
A new section for mini-koloboks from artists was created today. Its contains 91 work from Connie and Laie for now. All mini-koloboks have been moved from general galleries of artists there. If you already used the minis, then you need change the links.

Autor:  dilia  14 June 2007 - 15:09:23 Comments: 0   printer friendly  
 A BIG present from Connie  
To connie's gallery have been added 70 new works! It's about 1.5 MB of clean pleasure!

smiles smiles smiles smiles smiles smiles smiles smiles

They are 70! Have enjoy!

Autor:  dilia  13 June 2007 - 15:05:58 Comments: 0   printer friendly  
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