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 The graphic's set for smiles creation GDK Kolobok  
You might have noticed, the Visitors of the Site went forward at a steady gait on smiley making, and that our gallery now is having 6 pages? I am pleased with this fact, but because of my experience with gif, I see such discrepancies that everybody don?t see. These discrepancies are spoiling the appearance and general impression of the work. This happens because they use the frames from my ready work as a base, and this does not work since it is not a universally and final optimization for Gifs.

I have been thinking for a long time and finally decided to make something that many people might think of a mad. Namely, I made the set of my graphics for smile creation available for public use "Kolobok GDK". Then all new smile-makers can open the file with the set of all basic layers of which my smileys consist, and unite it in an own exclusive smile. In this set I?ve also placed my lifeworks of smileys that has been created during two years.

Some of 150 layers are not displayed (see the list of the editor). Of course I could give you all of my images, but if you wish to create something new and original you will have to do most of the things yourself. Even if you had all of my ready layers you would still have to make your own "hero" come "alive"on animation, but this is quite another story...

Autor:  Aiwan  25 March 2006 - 08:42:29 Comments: 0   printer friendly  

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