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 The World Smile Day 2009  
The World Smile Day 2009 At October 2nd all the world will celebrate The World Smile Day in this year. This will be eleventh time from the time when the world community have had first celebration in 1999 year. There are many opinions and suppositions in the Internet who is the author of a smile. Personally I think that real author and progenitor of a graphic smiles is Harvey Ross Ball. He is exactly was the first who has made a yellow circle with funny face on it.

In honour of the World Smile Day and of his founder Harvey Ball I've got two articles Harvey Ross Ball. Biography and A few interesting facts about Smile. Perhaps in English language enough of this info, but not in Russian.

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 Laie's Interview from the site  
A talented artist from the Spain - Laie has gave an interview. His works are unique and could not be mixed up with nobody. They are merry, lively and funny. THe interview was published at one of an art-portal, but not available anymore, unfortunately. So if you are a fan of Laie's talent you can read the interview with him at our articles section from now.

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 Emergency work on our server  
Dear visitors! On September 24, 2009 our server not will be working. Tentatively it will take about 8-10 hours. The site and forum on this time will be unavailable.
Sorry for the inconvenience!

Added: Sorry, the emergency work was deferred for 28 numbers.

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 New domain for English version site  
I wanted to make an English version of the page on another domain so it would be accessible on two languages at the same time. Our articles in English were unavailable for search engines but now they’re visible in both languages. The English version is on a new domain right now I hope it’ll help the foreign visitors find their way on our page.

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 New toolbar for Opera 10 browser  
Opera Software has released the tenth version of its browser for desk and laptops. New Opera is noticeably faster, has new interface and a new technology which allows webpage compression – Opera Turbo, easier tab management aswell. However our kolobok Toolbars plugin does not work with the latest version. Heron had to make changes to the program so that you can download it to your pc. It works well with Opera 10.

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