News Item: We moved!
(Category: Important!)
Posted by Aiwan
25 January 2007 - 10:42:52

The last time we had a lot of troubles with our site and we promised to move to another place. I was fed up with problems with the service, faults, problems with pictures, letters from the hoster and other troubles (Hello, AGAVA!), I stopped painting and began to deal with organization and became tired of them. And finally IT happened. I replaced everything and even updated something. Now you can find us at Host-Ing.Ru! Thanks to Oleg (aka Dandi), who helped me accomplish it. Hope, this service will manage with our traffic. We also have a new theme for our site - Light-Beige, simply in addition to the old ones. It is made in the same style as forum and will appear in the section for files. That’s all. I take my well-deserved rest for a long time!

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