News Item: The past and future
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Posted by Aiwan
10 November 2008 - 18:42:00

Dear visitors! Our site has moved! Now the koloboks site on a new server. It means the site will be under construction some time. We apologize and hope you understand.

Now couple of words why we made it. For the last month we had the web traffic on 1,5 terabytes more, than the limit we have. And the hoster has presented to us the bill with really big sum. Now I understand, that an idea with the place that gives images to great number of websites is an utopia.. but who knew... Now I try to separate the web traffic that take galleries from the work of general site. Due to it we have some troubles with kolobok's site functioning.

The kolobok's forum will be started a little later, and with the same way as galleries, to separate it from general site. With all these things I'm working with a new version of site engine. It will be absolutely new gallery, will allow the registration and will have possibility to collect an own gallery of fifty favorite koloboks on the personal page.

I have got many plans and ideas, but I've got only two hands and don't have enough time. Thanks for all letter with messages about troubles and errors of site working. If something will change else, we will inform you.

P.S. We are four years old today!

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