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A few interesting facts about Smile
on 30 Sep 2009 by Aiwan
The very first World Smile Day took place in Worcester, MA on October 1, 1999. What a celebration it was! State and local dignitaries gathered and read proclamations in support of the day.
Graphic smileys as art?
on 20 Feb 2008 by Aiwan
This article is about the question, whether graphic works of different painters and animators who paint smileys and koloboks are of any artistic value or not. We will also view these works as a piece of art with all that it implies: copyright, plagiarism, vandalism and so on.
Graphic smileys
on 04 Aug 2007 by Aiwan
Smiley is no longer some kind of strange symbol for profanes and became an important part not only of the net but also of the everyday life. There are many articles and writings about those, who have invented a smiley, who has written it as first, about how it has been invented and how it has changed since that time.
What is a Kolobok Style Smilie?
on 02 Aug 2007 by Aiwan
On the Russian Internet you meet the Kolobok smilie expression more often then the usual smilie designation. Why is it so? I frequently meet forum topics dedicated to this issue. Let's find the answers to those questions: What is a Kolobok Style Smilie and what is is the main difference between a smilie and a kolobok smilie?
Smileys: emotions on paper
on 17 Jan 2007 by Aiwan
I was writing my term paper and I had such an uncontrollable wish to put a smiley at the end of some sentences. The same wish I have now. I remember the small frowsy editorial office, black chairs piled one on another, concentrated faces of my course mates, everyone of them wanted to assert oneself by any means and to prove that he/she is better, everyone of them learns some commonplaces from the professor journalist Vasiljev.
Smiley gnoseology. Part IV
on 28 May 2005 by Aiwan
As it has been already mentioned above, smiley, an extra internet phenomenon, was well known many years ago. But smileys just as sects were often hidden from interested looks of contemporaries.
Smiley gnoseology. Part III
on 21 May 2005 by Aiwan
Even now a research of smiley semantic helps us to separate some groups of smilemes (don't confuse it with lexemes and morphemes), by further insertion of these smilemes one can express (smileysticulate) every emotion.
Smiley gnoseology. Part II
on 19 Mar 2005 by Aiwan
In 1980s-1990s smileystizism as a global phenomenon started to develop in a very different way. The first internet smiley developers without philosophizing did their work pragmatically orientated: they began to use combinations of symbols that could be printed with a standard (qwerty) keyboard.
Smiley gnoseology. Part I
on 18 Mar 2005 by Aiwan
Smileys as a type of a secret code appeared after hieroglyphs in the ancient China. The first smiley sources dating the 16. Century before Christ look out of date (but it’s understandable) but they safely performed their function.

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