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How our site fills up?

Our site contain gallery of authors's emotions. The word 'authors' means that all works have been made by unique artists. We do not collect smilieys all over the Internet, but we create (we contrive, we draw, we animate) them. All koloboks (smileys) what you can find here are origin, kolobok's site is primary source.

What is kolobok and what is difference with simple smiley?

Kolobok does not show an emotion like a simple smiley does, kolobok is expressing emotion, situation, mood with the help of animation. Kolobok is a complex animated image, created in pseudo 3D. Kolobok carry a positive energy and provoke good feelings independently of what is going on on the screen.

Why on the dark background I see white aureole around kolobok?

Koloboks are existing in two versions for a light and for a dark backgrounds. Their difference is that kolobok for a dark background has been made with clear contours and due to it kolobok's contour looks "uneven" on the light background , but looks good on the dark. Kolobok for a light background has been made with a mix of contours of images and looks smooth on the light background, but looks with white aureole on the dark.


How can I find koloboks for light/dark background?

All of aiwan's koloboks in separated galleries are made for a dark background. Copies of koloboks for a light backgrounds are placed in one gallery - "with smooth contours" (Smiles for light backgrounds).

Not all of artists make copies of their works for light or dark backgrounds. To find a needed kolobok in artist's gallery you need pay attention to the name of work and look for a letter 'L' or 'd' accordingly, or to learn to distinguish koloboks by their contours, as in explanation above.

How can I download koloboks?

There is not a need to save koloboks one by one. To download all our artworks, come to "Files" folder, select a section, then select a name of file that you are looking for, on the list and click this button .

I've downloaded file. What next ?

All of our artworks are archived. You need to install any programm that works with archives and unpack the downloaded file into needed folder. Programms examples - WinRar, 7Zip.

How to install the Kolobok smileys pack for QIP?

QIP is using different folder for smileys with every skin. They can be with animation (folder 'animated') or just static (folder 'static'). Install smiley's pack into 'SmiliesAnimated' folder of QIP skin you use. Default folder is "C:Programm FilesQIPSkinsICQ5Smilies". Restart QIP to see smileys in programm, when you will finish installation.

How to install koloboks into QIP Infium?

Install koloboks into 'smilies' folder of your QiP Infium. Default way is "C:Program FilesQIP InfiumSmilies". Open up the 'Settings' ->'Skins'->'Smilies' and on the list of smilies select the folder with name of new pack.

Why my friends cannot see my sent smileys on QiP?

Every of your Qip-interlocutors have to install the same pack with smileys as you have, to see a normal graphical image but not strange code like *PARTY*, etc. Or they should to get any other pack but with the same codes and smileys.

How to add koloboks into ICQ 6.5, ICQ 7?

As of right now AOL does not allow a regular user to install his own data onto their products. It is possible that such an option should appear in the future, but until then you can only use the packages that are a part of the program. You can add the koloboks into program one by one. For it to happen you need go to "smiley management" then "add smileys". Choose a smiley file from your computer, name it, press "ok". It’ll appear in the choice window if you have "show additional smileys" tagged.

How to add koloboks into Miranda IM, R&Q, MSN or other programm?

All archived packs with smilies usually contain the file with manual of installation. Download the pack for your programm, unpack it on your PC and read attentively the documentation. If you will have questions after, you can ask them in the forum's threads or in comments to the pack.

How to understand which Kolobok-smileys-pack I need? What name, description?

Usually, each pack description contains a little image - a logo of programm that helps you to define what programm this pack was made for. For case If you couldn't read the name of archive there always are programm's name and version.

For example: KOLOBOK For QiP & Infium. Original [Big Pack] means this pack was made for QIP pager, and also for other version - QIP Infium.

'Original' means the pack is using smileys and codes of our standard pack.

[Big Pack] means expanded version.

Why there is not a pack for my favorite programm [programm's name]?

The pack for your programm is not exist because we've never seen (or used) it. We don't have necessary technical information to make a pack. Or.. we don't have enough time to make it.

I made my own smiley-pack, may I send it to you?
We do not take exterior collections, because our engine cannot work with such operations. We accept only packs for various clients, that are copying our standard or expanded packs and this is a simple try to standardize our artworks.

How to use your koloboks from galleries?

To use our koloboks in messages on forums, blogs, livejournals, comments, chatrooms etc., you need to open up galleries of our works, select a section and open it. Then select a smiley and click on it. In the line above on the page you'll see the code, what you need to copy and put into the text of your message. Image will be displayed, if your administrator allowed to paste images from other websites.

How to use your koloboks with the help of Kolobok toolbars from Hyron?

You can use kolobok's toolbars plug-ins from Hyron for browsers: Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox. These plug-ins will help to use our galleries without visiting the Kolobok site. Clicking the button on your browser you'll get all galleries and it's will make your Internet-communication easier. Inside of archive and also on special thread at the kolobok's forum the author is explaining by simple understandable language how to install and use these plug-ins.

How to use koloboks with Mozilla Thunderbird's e-mails?

MailTagger is a plug-in for Mozilla Thunderbird, allows to use koloboks in e-mails.

How to use koloboks in e-mails with Outlook Express or The Bat!?

Open up the Outlook Express or The Bat!, select 'new message', then select 'format' and select the point: HTML. Write the text. On the place where you want to add a smiley, select the point: 'add image'. Look for needed smiley in your PC and paste it. Select the point: 'Send images in message'. That's all.

How to use koloboks on MSN (Windows Live Messenger)?

You don't need something special to use koloboks for this programm. You just need to have koloboks in your PC. To add a new kolobok on the msn: open up the message window, click the button: "emotions icons"; click the button: "show all". There will be the button "create (new)", click on it. Press the button: "search" and look for kolobok in your PC, press the button: "open". Write on the blank a short code for this kolobok, press "ok". That is all.

Your sent kolobok will be displayed for all msn-interlocutors independently of any installed or not-installed packs or images on their programm.

What kind of license is applied to your products?

Koloboks have their own license, which is found inside each file archive. They’ve never been distributed under open license like GNU, Creative Commons etc. If you should find any kolobok archives under such a license, it means the author of those archives has done something he shouldn’t have. Koloboks have their own rules of distribution, since the author has agreements with companies which in one or another way forbid free distribution of his works in certain programs, projects or in a certain way.

Copyright ©

"Kolobok Smiles" are copyrighted and officially registered at The U.S. Copyright Office of the Library of Congress (USA).

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