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About the project

The site "Author's emoticons Kolobok Style" - is a resource dedicated to the author's works of animators painting koloboks (or smileys). The main target of the site is to create a place with unique works of talented animators. As well as to allow visitors to see the original works on pages of the gallery, to download the packs for using them in their blogs, homepages, forums, chats and Internet-pagers. And also to give the painters the opportunity to publish their works in galleries helping them to preserve their distinctiveness, independence and originality. And to give visitors the opportunity to get to know the real authors and to communicate with them and with other visitors.

Certificate Of RegistrationThe history of the site creation began on November 9th , 2004 on the domain, when it as created without any great plans and expectations. The only target of its creation was to publish my works in the net. there was a folder created on the server, a domain of the third level and a simple CMS. There weren't many visitors, as well as many works, the site was placed on a general hosting. Since March 2005 we have a gallery for visitors, where we published (and still do it) the works made by our site visitors. The wider koloboks were spread in the Internet, the more visitors we had. The site began to overload simple hosts (the daily traffic of the site reaches 40 Gb). Then we had to separate it from other projects and to make it an absolutely independent resource on the new domain After we have published the part of author’s stencils in form of GDK-files, there was a community of painters from different countries created on our site. We consider it to be the new step in life of our site. Personal galleries appeared, that included only works of talented painters. At the beginning of 2009 the site changed beyond recognition, being moved to the new CMS. We had to work more than half a year. All the information is now available in two languages: in Russian and in English. The design has changed. The registration appeared. We also gave our visitors an opportunity to collect their favorite works on the pages of Featured works of the new gallery.

The main philosophy of our site is to give only positive energy to the visitors of our site, while there are watching our works. Our creation has a repugnance to violence, vulgarity and offences. Our works don’t show any aggression, malice or humiliation. In our galleries you won’t find any koloboks acting vulgarly, offending someone’s religious sensibilities or demonstrating something shameless. The motto of the authors painting koloboks sounds so: "We are kind and jolly! We give joy to people!"

Since our site was created, koloboks officially appeared in many programs, scripts, game projects. The number of sites and forums using them on their pages just can’t be counted. Here is a short list of projects using koloboks officially:

  • Programs and scripts: QIP 2005, QIP Infium, ICQ 6.x, IM+, Mail.Ru Agent, Jimm, QIP Pda, W1 (unified e-wallet), Amiro (CMS), Neverlands (Online Game) and so on;

  • Sites:,,,,,,,,,, KM.RU,,, and many many others;

Unfortunately, there are some for-profit sites ignoring copyright and thinking, that there isn't anyone who can prohibit them to make what they like and to get what they want. But these people and their projects don’t worth to be mentioned on this page.

The owner of the site, the domain, the author of the "Kolobok-style" and owner of all copyrights is Mantsurov Ivan, aka Aiwan. "Kolobok Smiles" are copyrighted and officially registered at The U.S. Copyright Office of the Library of Congress (USA). The site draws its support only from personal savings of the author, from advertising profit and from contracts with for-profit companies. These means are more than enough for the site to keep working. But if you want to express your gratitude for koloboks in general or for using the works of the author or of another particular animator, you’d better do it on our forum, in comments or using the feedback form.

All works of our site are made only for private use. All questions concerning the terms of cooperation, advertising replacement on our site, usage of koloboks in for-profit projects please send to the author of the site.

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