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 Rokr smiles  
The kolobok's site at beginning was consisting of koloboks type smileys only. But the site was made with sense as a place to gather people, who draw and create own smileys, but not collect them of over the Web, with feelings of a "great collector". That is why when I'm getting a request from someone to add to the site an own artworks of unique style, I welcome it. A few days ago I was getting a pack exactly like that Rokr smiles. I think these works are deserve to be appreciated. Yes, they are different from the basic concept of a smiley, but this distinction is interesting. The author of these smileys is Rokr. The smileys have been made specially for screens of Pocket PC and smartphones, that is why they are big.
smiles smiles smiles smiles smiles

Autor:  Aiwan  01 May 2010 - 06:47:11 Comments: 0   printer friendly  

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