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 Attention! A bomb!  
I finally painted a bomb for KOLOBOK For IEView. Original pack. I also added to the archive the second folder for the dark background and corrected code mistakes. Now those, who use dark skins with Miranda, can use this set.


Autor:  Aiwan  11 July 2005 - 16:35:54 Comments: 0   printer friendly  
 Model yourself on the first detachment!  
Having remembered my youth I decided to make a smile advising you to model yourself. In our situation the role model is the first detachment! Kolobok is a little too big, but I think you’ll forgive me this fact.


Autor:  Aiwan  11 June 2005 - 16:33:12 Comments: 0   printer friendly  
 Hello from Matrix!  
Here is the famous threesome. I want write who is who, I hope you understand it колобки . Koloboks Trinity and Neo were made on basis of old animations. I ask you to be charitable. By the way, what does the movement made by the kolobok above? I don’t know what it means but I saw it in a cartoon and I liked it. (Thanks, we understood, that it means "quotation (in quotes)")

smiley smiley smiley

Autor:  Aiwan  27 May 2005 - 21:31:30 Comments: 0   printer friendly  
 A big amount of new koloboks  
I have some troubles with internet access. But I had a “spasm of creativity” and painted eight new koloboks. I couldn’t publish them one by one, I publish them today altogether. I hope you expectations are realized…
(Standard) Touchy: smiley
(LAW) Werewolf, King, Queen: smiley smiley smiley
(Ward №6) Suicides: smiley smiley
(HE and SHE) You’ll understand it yourself: smiley smiley

Autor:  Aiwan  23 May 2005 - 21:24:22 Comments: 0   printer friendly  
 Hello everybody! We have a new kolobok!  
Frankly speaking it’s a female kolobok. I haven’t updated our site for a long time, I was busy. In the future I hope not to get lost for so long. But I can’t promise it! By the way, here is our heroine, I decided to protect female rights smiles Here is our heroine: smiles

Autor:  Aiwan  13 May 2005 - 21:18:57 Comments: 0   printer friendly  
 A set of smiles for Miranda IM - pager  
A new set of animated smiles for internet-pager Miranda KOLOBOK For IEView. Original is now available. This set can be used with Miranda IM only with installed plug-ins: IEView and Scriver or tabSRMM (IEView + TabSRMM is even better). Install these add-ons and use it. Compatible with ICQ-codes and other popular codes. Reads Russian letters in codes.

For example, LOL will look like . I recommend you to switch on the following option in plug-in IEViwe: only replace isolated smiles.

I won’t describe, what else can you find in these plug-ins. I haven’t installed anything for a long time myself and I was surprised by opportunities offered by them: they support skins, avators and so on. As well as animated smiles, I couldn’t find it anywhere else. But QIP will soon appear, and it has everything in it! Including my smiles! Well, our choice! kolobok

Autor:  Aiwan  09 April 2005 - 21:15:30 Comments: 0   printer friendly  
 Big updating of smiles  
Finally I found enough time to update IPB set of smiles for the LIGHT skins. There are about sixty smiles now. You can find it following the old reference, just download it again. Now I’ve prepared a set of koloboks for Miranda - Miranda IM, you can use smiles in this pager too. The other day I’ll publish an archive for it. I don’t know, whether I’ll make an installation version for those, who can not install plug-ins. I’ll think about it…

Autor:  Aiwan  05 April 2005 - 21:09:53 Comments: 0   printer friendly  
 All smiles archive updated  
Recently I’ve updated the Whole archive of all smiles, now it has the version v1.8. It includes all smiles for dark and light skins. But you should know, that it doesn’t include the New Year set with clean lines. You have to download them separately.

Autor:  Aiwan  29 March 2005 - 21:05:00 Comments: 0   printer friendly  
 Away with penis carriers!  
I often see on different forums conflicts between men and women. In such cases ladies speak about male chauvinism everyone of the male persuasion. I have to agree there is a deal of truth in it. Even in internet men sometimes behave like beasts, i.e. just like in the real life. Dear ladies, I have prepared a means to wrestle against the despotism of male moderators, or just talkers or even administrators! Here you are!
smiles smiles

Autor:  Aiwan  22 March 2005 - 21:02:01 Comments: 0   printer friendly  
 Mafia is deathless!  
I won’t conceal the fact, that I like 30-s. But I have no smiles on this topic. To be more precise, I had no smiles on this topic. The last night I painted a band including Vin and Tommy. I’m not sure, whether they need some other companions, now these two are enough. One fights using his fists, the other one using his “Thomson”, a club lacks of course… I must think about it later…
smiles smiles

Autor:  Aiwan  20 March 2005 - 20:59:04 Comments: 0   printer friendly  
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